ventures in identity design

    what’re yooo lookin’ at?

    a logo is the foundation of all a company represents

    identity is everything made which displays that logo

    a brand is assets and actions which shape the perception of a company  / ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE free analog world domination consulting machines / 2020 is not centered around the concept of selling typewriters, but of selling customized “artificial intelligence free analog communication machines.” website and other products coming soon.

    custom olivetti studio 44 / sister monza
    olivetti poster design by
    buy typewriters / bukowski "i'm not your" bro / 1985 brother charger custom
    ANTIFA319 / custom underwood 319

    midcity zen center / new orleans / 2020

    designed logo in early 2020.

    when one walks into midcity zen center, the first thing one sees on the wall ahead is a large print of japanese calligraphy for the word “compassion.”  wonderful.

    midcity zen center alternative postcard nola style
    midcity zen center postcard & bizcards
    midcity zen center letterhead & envelope
    midcity zen center b&w flyer
    midcity zen center new orleans logo

    ⊕  the first iteration of the new logo was a two-week process.  the covid pandemic hit before we could print anything you see.  in late 2021, i revisited the logo and gently modified the fonts and angling the bamboo to give a better sense of flexibility, of no straight or obvious path.  in zen, this is a foundational way of being.

    logos / nationwide / 2001-2022

      here are a few of the many logos i’ve created in the past 21 years.  a few were quick designs on tight budgets (o’malley’s).  others, months-long processes where creating a strong and relevant brand was imperative (dharmapocalypse, bikerMetric).

    moto logos by trentreker / 2002-2022

    ⊕  the CruiserCustomizing logo you see here is the 2nd design.  the first had a swoosh around the bike.  this was a trendy thing in 2001 and i advised against it.

    the owners agreed a year later and i made the update you see above.  though the site has changed ownership, the same logo is being used 20 years later.

    read more about CruiserCustomizing here >>

    logos by trentreker 2005-2021

    ⊕  in the case of the bikerMetric and CruiserCustomizing logos, they changed over time as the organizations grew and changed.

    logos by trentreker 2003-2010
    variant cafe & rarefire tech logos / 2001

      witness the variant cafe logo above.  the owner told me the name and a quickie logo from a wingding font character was created for her to use in her bizplan while seeking financing.  20 years later, i wonder how a cafe called “the variant” would’ve fared.  i bet very well.

    ideografix logo / 2006 / dr. trent reker
    fave logos by trentreker / 2011-2021 / dharmapocalypse,, sbisa's, rustymetric, gonzoZEN

      two of the logos you see on this page were years in the making.

    logos by trent reker / 2003-2014

      bikerMetric changed especially over the years, as you can see from the image below depicting first and final versions.

    bikerMetric / brand development process / 2009-2012

      the design of a logo will simplify over time.

    beachside hostel / waikiki / 2005

      ever have an unexpected adventure?  sweet!  we had one from november, 2004 until july, 2005.  though poor, we were in paradise.  the adventure culminated when i found a great gig creating new identity, airport flyers, t-shirts and a website for beachside hostel, in april, 2005.

    we’d actually been living in a “private” room (shared kitchen & bath with one other in another room) for a few months when the design contract was finalized.

    beachside hostel waikiki / color logo

      if you’ve ever flown into honolulu, you’ve seen the display shelves holding dozens of flyers and pamphlets for services ranging from hotels to tours.  the flyer design was a big deal as it seems hostel travelers don’t book in advance. fascinating. therefore, the flyers had to grab eyeballs in a sea of bright and awesome.

    beachside flyers were gonna be awesomer.

    beachside hostel / print collateral

      six weeks later, what you see here and much more was created.  i wanted images that were not prosaic and insignificant.  started by offering a buxom hula girl logo.  yes!  uh, no.  a backpack?  yawning with obviousness.  surfboards?  seems kids from scotland and austria don’t surf.  go figure. 

    we settled on coconut palm & sea waves.  other logos would be used on the website and painted around the facility.

    the hostel’s identity needed to stand out.  i was still rooting for buxom hula girl but the place is named “beachside.”

    beachside hostel / color airport flyer (front)
    beachside hostel / color airport flyer (back)

      management was cool with a worn retro feel to the logo as long as it wasn’t too grungy.  “let’s do a subtle offset,” i requested.  bingo!

    a glitzy logo was created with photoshop.  the black & white version was easy to retrofy, but in a series of trips to the front desk copy machine to get prints in “color” and black & white, i then scanned the “best” copies and layered them onto the shiny photoshop thing i’d made.  the logo took almost three weeks.

    now you can just click a few times and get what you see here in minutes.  but it was old school.  i hadn’t done that kind of thing in years.  it was fun.

      flush with cash, my girl and i flew back to the states and decided to return to new orleans.  it was the end of june, 2005.  remember the summer of 2005?  there was this thing called katrina.  we didn’t leave.  we were there.

    the unexpected adventures never stop.


    beachside hostel / b&w airport flyer (front)
    beachside hostel / b&w airport flyer (back)

      unfortunately, beachside has closed.  seems the covid pandemic took another unique and independent business.

    one less place for adventure.

    orlena, the owner/manager, was a pleasure to work with.  it’s easy to tell you beachside hostel is the best client i’ve ever had.  it was a blessing to have the opportunity to create for them.  here’s hoping all turns out well for the folks who owned and ran it.

    dharmapocalyptruck / a dr.trentreker world domination consultant chick magnet production / 2021

      who likes old beater muscle trucks?  you like old beater muscle trucks!

    dharmapocalyptruck logos

    the dharmapocalyptruck logo is a subtle take on the vintage ’60s & ’70s dodge charger R/T grille ornament.

    ⊕  no computers in this growling world domination machine. first gear is way too low but overdrive’ll do 100.

    dharmapocalyptruck buddhadude sunset snow 2022

    dharmapocalyptruck (aka: the buddhadude) is a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.

    ⊕  she’s probably not safe.  which is likely why chicks smile and flirt when i’m driving around.  chicks who like freedom.  chicks who like dangerous men.

    dharmapocalyptruck's buddhadude with rain ears and leaves
    dharmapocalyptruck in fast action / dr. trent reker

    gotta stay away from those kinda chicks.

    D/T grille at chuck swan preserve in the rain
    dharmapocalyptruck /  texture piece
    drive old trucks

    yellow / what is it? / 2006-2021

      yellow is a young duck trying to find himself.  or herself.  or theyself.  thyself?  self!

      zen teaches self doesn’t exist outside our ego-driven concepts separating every thing.  with tears laughing as i stomped ten thousand blades of grass surrounded by razorwire i discovered what no self means.  this cannot be taught.  it can only be realized.  look at me.  pointing.  how impolite.

    yellow / feathers

      yellow understands the fundamental reality of every thing.  seeing and hearing but never speaking.  is yellow pointing to the truth of self?

    yellow in distress 2
    yellow in distress 3
    yellow in distress 1
    yellow super distressed

      ball gag.  it’s a metaphor.  the story of yellow, an allegory for you, sentient working class human being.  the allegory of yellow, a young duck looking to realize the kind of truth one cannot convey by mere words.

    worldominauto / javelin design @speedfreakspeedshop
    anne la monde-le-veut / don't talk to cops / foundation to lighten up and help each other / 2022

      meet professor of quantum physics and neurosurgified fetus litigation, gonzo zen master anne la monde-le-veut, CEO of the WORLDOMINATION™ foundation to lighten up and help each other.

    trust trentreker

      she’s an intrepid pipe smoking antifa rock bass player astronaut pirate and world record holder of most cheese eaten with a pitchfork, then gargled.


      professor-master la monde-le-veut is four-time WORLDOMINATION 5000 beaters-only dirt road endurance race champion. she beat the world while delivering life-saving nutrition to hurting people throughout the race. 

    WORLDOMINATION / logo 2023

      she’s the world’s only amazon musk manufacturer.  do you know which species of howler monkey possesses the sphincter gland that comes from?  anne does!

    anne la monde-le-veut, a dill pickle duct taped to the sky and dr.trentreker #9

      professor-master la monde-le-veut buys typewriters, has no mustache and never talks to the police.  she’s why unlimited power and control dreams come true!  GO ANNE!  the world wants what you’ve got!

      send WORLDOMINATION™ one BILLION dollars and see what we can do for all beings.  let’s lighten up and help each other.  we’re asking nicely.


    let’s talk about anti-imperialist plans abolishing fascism and neoliberalism to benefit all sentient beings.

    ring ring!  ring ring!


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