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midcityzencenter logo / square
ideografix logo / dr. trent reker

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casinoelcamino website homepage 2010
bikerMetric website design 2012

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midcityzencenter / postcard front / design 2
ecclesia church postcard front
femme nu / honolulu / t-shirt design 2005
casino el camino / 6th street austin texas sandwich board / 2010

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eat / drink / dance

casino el camino / austin / 19x32-inch outside menu
evening entertainment group / scottsdale / sandbar
evening entertainment group / scottsdale / countdown 12.28

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it’s unclear why wordpress ruins the sound of video.  it’s their thing.  like your uncle who farts & blames the dog.

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rustymetric#1 staff page

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world domination


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freedomordeathmachine yamaha xs650 chopper
terrorized by nothing / bukowski


let’s talk about anti-imperialist plans to abolish fascism and neoliberalism to benefit all sentient beings.

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