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WORLD DOMINATION in 2 easy steps:

1.  do as i say and nobody gets hurt.
2.  have a sense of frickin’ humor.

world domination consultant

creativity cannot be taught.  it comes from within.  robots are taught.  they do anything.

three decades of formal education and professional experience.  got that.  lots of knowing!  what makes creativity special is where it comes from.  an inconceivable place where time is meaningless, repetition is impossible and knowing is illusion.

knowing is a wall.  a barrier.  once one knows, what is there to discover?  a life of arrogance and tedium, that’s what.

decades ago, riding my motorbike through beverly hills one beautiful night to see my girlfriend up in hollywood, i died.  this happened at an intersection.  surprise.  nifty scar.  life-altering vision.

beware professing to know the source of creativity.  god is not what you think it is.

i’m dr. trentreker, friend of timothy leary and hookers.  zen teacher to prisoners.  i seek to magnify the small and increase the few.  always learning, i’ve realized “not knowing” is the only way to know any damn thing.

tell me about your plans for world domination

email here or call to speak with a live human being:  504/339.4918

innovative two-part custom yamaha xs650 chopper motorcycle footpegs / junkie style
evening entertainment group scottsdale / countdown12.28
bacon cheeseburger sluts
rustymetric#1 / falcon motorcycles revealed
the peaceful mood of drinking beer alone
crescent city blues & bbq festival / black gold
dr. trentreker /world domination consultant

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over 20 years of successful world domination consulting for diverse industries

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beachside hostel waikiki / color logo
evertype, a novel by richard polt / original cover art & design


let’s talk about anti-imperialist plans to abolish fascism and neoliberalism to benefit all sentient beings.

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