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1.  stop knowing.
2.  start creating.
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creativity is not artificial.  it cannot be programmed.  creativity cannot be taught.

three decades of formal education and professional experience.  got that.  lots of knowing!  but knowing is not creativity.  knowing is a wall.  once one knows, what is there to discover?  truth is temporary and knowledge is impossible yet you know!  you were taught!

creativity comes from an inconceivable place where time is meaningless and knowing is illusion.

decades ago, cruising my motorbike through beverly hills to see my girlfriend up in hollywood, i died.  this happened at an intersection.  surprise.  nifty scar.  life-altering vision.

god is not what you think it is.

stop knowing.  this is the most important concept a world domination consultant must help you understand.  once realized, the mind is infinite.  no beginning.  no end.

no robotic repetition.

i’m dr.trentreker, friend of timothy leary and hookers.  zen teacher to prisoners.  i seek to magnify the small and increase the few.  always learning, i’ve realized “not knowing” is the only way to create any truly unique thing.

typewriters: not planning to kill us all
the secret of buddha
dharmapocalyptruck speed 1
you will die write now canvas art
practice zen / gonzozen
 world domination scene of the future
the first world domination consultant, avalokiteshfuku / the most compassionate giver of all the fucks in the world.
trippy typewriter eating punk rock skull of tomorrow hightop vans
crescent city blues & bbq 2014
PITA the mexican death blanket / olivetti lettera 35 art typewriter
donald j. trump presidential portrait 2016
truth is temporary / trentreker
worldomination.org / comic #1a
worldomination.org / comic #1b
worldomination.org / comic #1c
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